Point of Sales / Retail Solutions

Point-of-Sales & Retail Solutions

With our strong manufacturing facilities, efficient management system and project management expertise, we provide cost-effective retail Point-of-Sales display units, retail shops fixtures and window display all over the world. Our Service and quality have been recognized by the most prestigious fashions, jewelry and watches brands.

Proactive Consultation and Management
Providing optimal price/ quality ratio, effective communication and management and punctual delivery is our key to have gained the trust and long-term partnership with our global clients. An add-on value we provide that sets us apart is our ability to employ a consultative approach since the beginning of the projects throughout to final delivery and after-sales follow-up. We are not only an order taker. We get involved since the beginning of a project and continually communicate closely with them to develop the projects, identify areas of challenges according to the plans our clients have, propose solutions and alternative materials and production methods used in order to achieve the best quality with minimum cost possible and to ensure the durability of the products and cost effective maintenance for the long run. Close communication throughout the production, efficient reports on progress, open and transparent flow of information have been highly valued by our clients as it keeps possibilities of errors to the minimum, ensures quality is of what has been agreed on and aids timely and efficient delivery.