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Space Concept

SPACE Corporation

SPACE Corporation is part of the Arcon Group

Space Concept provides comprehensive solutions for developing, producing and delivering display units, shops fixtures and window displays all over the world. Thanks to our manufacturing facilities and project management expertise, our efficiency and quality have been recognized by the most prestigious brands in the fashion, jewelry and watch industries.

Consulting & Management

An effective communication and a punctual delivery are the keys that earned us the trust of our global clients and built long-term partnerships. The added value we provide that sets us apart is our ability to adopt consultative approach from the beginning of a project to final delivery and after-sales follow-up. We are not only an order taker as we get involved in the ideation of a project with regular reporting on work progress supported by a transparent flow of information. We focus on identifying areas of challenges and offering alternative materials or production methods in order to deliver the best solution to our clients. By controlling the costs carefully, Space achieves the best quality with a focus on durability and maintenance of our products.