Arcon Group History


Established in 1991, Arcon became quickly the major supplier of the HKSAR government for housing, hospital and school projects. After completing over 50,000 apartments for the HKSAR Housing Department, Arcon became its certified supplier.
In 1993, all the factories of Arcon were among the first to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification in China, illustrating the willingness of our group to strive for excellence.

Ever since then, our fast-growing and forward-thinking company is involved in many business sectors:

The interrelation of these business divisions creates strong synergies to provide the best services to our clients and partners.
Each division is based on a well planned corporate development with a strong commitment to management and cost-effectiveness.
Thanks to our philosophy, we have achieved and sustained a stellar annual growth in every division of our organization.
Integrity and ethics have always been the centre of our organization, these corporate values have built the long-standing trust with our clients and partners.

Arcon has continued its expansion, not only in terms of scope of business but also geographically, reaching a global level in the past decade.
Our factories and staff have expanded in consequence to support our growth and our cross-continental corporate development.
Today our manufacturing plants and factories in China cover more than 500,000 square feet and we employ worldwide more than 200 management staffs in Asia and Europe.


We set our eyes on the global market and aim to continuously grow and expand internationally through the success in each of our corporate divisions.

We commit ourselves to creating the biggest leverage of strengths by joining forces with international business partners.

To create successful synergies, we put the emphasis on creative marketing, pragmatic financing, hiring and training of talented individuals, prudent sourcing and insightful operations analysis.

We strive to become the most trusted and reliable one-stop provider for turnkey solutions to all our clients and partners.

Simon Lam
Managing Director of Arcon Group

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To forge a continuous success, our strategic foundation was based on the highest ideals of innovation, integrity, ethical standards, and commitment to our clients. An unquestioned degree of corporate and social responsibility help us to fulfill our mission to constantly hone our manufacturing technologies and craftsmanship ensuring an optimal price-quality ratio.

Simon Lam
Managing Director of Arcon Group